Committed in love to you...




God has a way of speaking that at times can be ever so soft, and you almost have to ask, God is that you? And other times, He is loud and clear and if you didn’t hear Him the first time, He will say it again and again until you get it.

Just this past Wednesday, God spoke a word to us during worship, telling us to come back. He didn’t care what we have done, how bad it was, He knows the details and He doesn’t care, He just wants us back. We’ve stopped praying like we used to, worshiping like we used to, coming to church like we used to, and yet, He just wants us back. 

My quiet time took me to Jeremiah chapter 3 today and this theme resonated strong. The children of Israel have turned their backs on God and are chasing false gods and worshiping whatever thing it is they can find and yet they look to God and say “where are you, God of our youth? Will you always be angry?”. God had withheld the rain, so their crops were not flourishing as they once were and the Israelites couldn’t see nor understand why God was so angry. But God, the entire time just wanted them back, He told the prophet Jeremiah to deliver the message to them, to turn back to Him because he wants to pour out his rain, his blessings, but Israel needed to turn from worshiping these false Gods, acknowledge the error of their ways, and turn to Him. 

You know what’s amazing, that even though this chapter clearly is speaking about the children of Israel, it applies to us today. There are so many things we choose over God, over spending time with Him, over just spending a few moments in his presence. Social media, friends, TV, Netflix series, sports, we find any and everything to do and don’t even realize that we’ve turned from Him. And you know what’s amazing - is that Israel in that time didn’t know how long God would be angry with them or if they would ever be blessed, but we see the whole story - we don’t have to live in a state of unknown. We know what His word says - we know what is true and how the story really goes.

In the message version of this chapter in verse 12, what stuck out to me is this, God says “I’M COMMITTED IN LOVE TO YOU”. There’s nothing that He wants more than YOU AND I! Those things that you’ve let come between you and God, forget them, just turn back. God isn’t going to sit there and remind you of the bad you’ve done - he wants to celebrate your return to him. In verse 16 it says “And this is what will happen: You will increase and prosper in the land. The time will come - God’s Decree! - when no one will say any longer, “Oh, for the good old days! Remember the Ark of the Covenant?” It won’t even occur to anyone to say it - ‘the good old days.’ The so-called good old days of the Ark are gone for good. “Jerusalem will be the new Ark - ‘God’s Throne’.” Do you get what that means? It’s not going to be about what God did before you turned from him, it’s going to be amazing to see how He pours into your life NOW.

Don’t let the enemy trick you into thinking - wow, I used to have such a great relationship with God, or I was so good at one point, look at where I am now. There’s no way I can get back to that, or that you have to grovel your way back to God. NO - He said it in His word - acknowledge your ways and where you’ve allowed other things to get in the way of Him, and He will restore the relationship and it will even better than it once was.

If you are feeling distant from God today, like you’ve turned your back to Him and have filled the void with things, just know, He wants you back. Take a moment and just give your life back to Him - He’s so committed in love to you